Investment Die Casting  

Investment Die Casting


Casting is the subject of perfection. Quality of cast components must be highly precise and perfect for the performance of an object to which it belongs. Technology has made investment die casting very precise. Several break throughs of technology are made better by correcting its limitations manually. End product of investment die castings contains smooth surface finish. There is no flash or parting lines. Our ability grants us to handle even large volume within short time frame.

An ideal combination of procedures may derive good quality part with predefined configurations. We at MODERN INVESTMENT CAST INDUSTRIES offer most advantageous and evenhanded investment die casting in Ahmedabad. We cater different industries like energy, chemical, automobile, aeronautical industry, and marine industry, petrochemical and other industries.

Our investment casting foundry is equipped with high-tech instruments. Casting of highly versatile and dimensionally accurate components supports repeatability and integrity of an object.

Our casting foundry India is popular in India as well as in foreign countries. Our services are available with affordable prices for different metals and alloys.


Die Casting Vs. Investment Casting

Investment Casting is a process typically applied in cases where both solid parts and complex, hollow cores are required, whereas Die casting implicates the molding of materials under high pressure. When production quantities are high, die casting offers the economic advantage. Lost wax casting offers far shorter lead times, maximum alloy and design flexibility and produces parts closer to net shape configuration which therefore require less machining. Tooling for lost wax casting is also vividly less expensive as compared to die cast tooling.

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